Woodland Management

We are specialists in managing coppice woodland and can help with all your requirements.

Coppicing is a centuries old management system where trees are cut to ground level on a continuous cycle and left to regrow, to produce a crop of timber for craft work, firewood and structural use. It is a specific form of woodland management and needs to be carried out correctly with any work being a long term vision.

We can help with general advice, drawing up management plans, applying for felling licences and carrying out practical work. All aspects of work can be catered for, be it cutting an area for wildlife, establishing new coppice, setting up a firewood rotation or restoring neglected coppice to be suitable for game shooting.

Clients include local authority and private land owners, taking in hundreds of acres of woodland.

All our work is carried out to the highest standard and can be viewed on request.

We require hazel or mixed coppice to bring back into management for materials for use in our work. Please contact us if you have any woodland that may be suitable.